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Located in the Entre-deux-Mers region between the Garonne and the Dordogne in the commune of Saint Genes de Lombaud, Chateau La Graviere Nardique is composed by 38 hectares of vines.
The vineyard enjoy an exceptional terroir for the production of high quality wines.Indeed, the Château Nardique La Gravière is located on beautiful hills of clay and gravel ideally oriented. That’s permit to obtain an optimal exposure of grapes allowing perfect ripeness before harvest and a naturally draining very effective. .

The vineyard is carefully maintained, the health is the subject of all our supervision because it is from perfectly healthy worked vine that the wine made from the grapes will have all the qualities to become a Great Bordeaux !

The average age of the vineyard is 25 years old and the planting density is around 4500 vine plant by hectare.

The harvest are mechanical with a new generation of harvest machine which permit to move slowly the grapes.

The cellar is composed by thermoregulate concrate tanks adapt for the red wines vinification and thermoregulation stainless steel tanks ideal for the white dry wine and the rosé vinification.

The Château Nardique La Gravière produce many kind of wines for the pleasure of wines lovers.


The Hills and our gravealous soils are some very important elements which permit a perfect growing of white grapes. We obtain white dry wines very fruity, aromatics and delicacy.
The white dry wine is on the Entre-deux-Mers appellation. This wine is from the blend of the three whites grapes of Bordeaux which are the Sauvignon, the Sémillon and the Muscadelle, our Entre-deux-Mers made the notoriety of the Château Nardique La Gravière and Philippe THERESE the winemaker describ it like the main wine of the estate.

The Château Nardique La Gravière have also a great terroir for the fruity red wines production with clays and graveleous soils. Also the slopes ensure an optimum maturity of our red vines. We produce two different red wines. The first one AOC BORDEAUX comes from young vines less than 25 years, this wine is very aromatic and easy to drink and the second AOC BORDEAUX SUPERIEUR comes from the oldest vines so more complex, rich in tannins and ageing in barrels of french oak.

Since 6 years, one parcel of the Château Nardique La Gravière is dedicated to the production of rose wine AOC BORDEAUX ROSE. Indeed, this parcel is very interesting for the elaboration of rose wine because the Cabernet Franc (main grape of our rosé) ideally ripens, we get a very good balance between freshness, nuance of red fruit, a color salmon and sensual clear acidity. Not to be missed!