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The history begins in 1920 by the BASTARD family.

This family of farmers from Charente bought this property at the place called ''Nardique'' where they can continue an activity of raiser cattle on plots which are not quality for wines production. At the beginning the production was dedicated to the wine merchant market.

In 1928, Arsène BASTARD built the winery. The property was planted mainly in white vines.

Christian, Edith, Gérard et Philippe THERESE en 1968

Edith, her only child, grew up in the farm and married in 1949 with Gérard THERESE.

In 1953 birth of their son Christian and Philippe in 1963.


Quickly the production of the Château Nardique La Gravière is bottled and marketed to people via the itinerary ''bis'' of the road leading to the Pyrenees.

After their professional studies in viticulture and oenology, Christian in 1974 and Philippe in 1985, joins their parents on the property.

In 1989, Nicolas’s year birth, son of Philip and Murielle THERESE, that place a terrible fire that destroyed the buildings used for cowshed, saver narrowly the winery. Edith, Gérard and their son decided to abandon cattle farming. The reconstructed building is to wrapping the bottles, storage and sale of bottles.

In 2014, after studying oenology and viticulture and wine business, Nicolas turn joins his parents and his uncle in the Château Nardique La Gravière.

Philippe Thérése            Château Nardique - 1966            Nicolas Thérése